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Calling Circle Management

This novel technology is the engine that drives AIEGSverse.  With this tool you will be allowed to perform many familiar and unfamiliar functions that dictate your major controls. 

Communication Preferences

Set device preferences based on time and locations. This functionality allows members of the AIEGSverse to setup permissions that define, who can contact you and how, based on a set of rules that YOU decide.  These rules can be set relative to time of day, specific location or even day of the week. 


Emergency Contacts

Will I miss calls/messages from my important contacts?

No, with Calling Circle Management, any contacts that are setup as an EMERGENCY CONTACT will always being transmitted irrespective of whether it is a part of an active calling circle or not.


Device Management

Make the device silent based on selected preferences.

Spam & Unknown Call Blocking

This multimode feature offers complete control of your device communication activity.  AIEGS is capable of detecting and blocking spam as well as unknown calls. There are two modes for this feature:

Maximum Protection

This mode blocks communication from ALL unknown contacts

Standard Protection

This is mode blocks all SPAM calls based on our proprietary database of known SPAM numbers. We also have SPAM reporting feature, which allows you to define and designate a call as SPAM thus adding it to the database of blocked calls

Smart Messenger Features 

Message Manager

Have you ever wanted to have the functionality of your desktop computer in the palm of your hands? Well, with AIEGS SMART MESSENGER you got it….our AI technology allows you to Filter, Sort, Search Messages based on keywords in your inbox, just as if you were searching files on the hard drive of your desk or laptop computer.

Away Message Notifications

Just because we have our phone in our hands doesn’t mean that we are always available….so here’s another desktop to mobile “Why Not feature…..”  In the AIEGSverse, you can setup your AWAY message preferences and let people know when you are not available for talking or texting.

Dashboard Functionality

Even without your phone, if you have access to the internet, you can enter the AIEGSverse!  By way of our two-step authentication process, you can enter into your account remotely via the internet.  

On the AIEGS app dashboard you will see a summary of all of your phone’s activity PLUS it gives you access to all the features that you would have if you were holding your device in your hands.  From the dashboard, you can…

    • Create, edit and activate Calling Circles
    • Backup contacts, calls, messages, locations, media vault, applications

Media Vault 

This ALL new feature exclusive to AIEGS allows you to control all of the content on your device….YES, you can determine who can see or have access to any sensitive files, photos or videos!   

    • Create multiple albums for things like personal, work, family, etc.
    • Photo protection with Calling Circle Management
      • Any photos attached to a circle are protected from all other applications



Trust your communication with AIEGS.

Without AIEGS, its just a phone!


Calling Circle Management

Spam & Unknown Call Blocking

Smart Messenger Features

Dashboard Functionality

Media Vault


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